About Us

B&B in San Pietro in Bevagna



In this land of sun and light, sand and sea, the Petra Solis B&B, in San Pietro in Bevagna, is the realization of a dream. We put this question to ourselves “Who among us does not pursue a dream?”

And so, although we already had considerable knowledge of the hospitality sector, we had to bolster our courage to embrace change and give a very different interpretation to our structure.

We have therefore chosen to transform an apartment, used only for summer holidays, into a Mediterranean-style, modern, and at the same time timeless, Bed & Breakfast, to make everyone feel at ease and to help our guests enjoy all the best that the land of Puglia can offer….

Starting from the light that floods our home, from the wind that helps to make the sky clear and from the goodness of the products and food which are typical of a great agricultural tradition.

Confort Rooms
Crystal Clear Sea
The name

The name Petra Solis is what we chose, therefore, to express all the positive sensations that our land can convey.

The breakfast

What can be better in the morning than going outside the room to fill oneself up on healthy energy, having breakfast outside, meeting other people and appreciating their company?

The rest

Or allow yourselves to relish a little the slowness that a real holiday requires and give yourselves all the rest you need.

The secrets

Here, these are the little secrets that will make the Petra Solis B&B your favourite place. A place where you will be able to find the right balance between vacation, relaxation, fun and the curiosity to see new things.